The Faculty of Industrial Design was established in 1964 after te transformation of Department of Industrial Design, witc gas been erected two years before at the Faculty of Interior Design. The 1st Dean of the Faculty was Prof. Andrzej Pawłowski.
The Faculty of Industrial Design educates designers preparing them to creative work in the domain of industrial design.
Moreover, the Faculty manages design, research, study and artistic works, co-operating within those areas with many institutions, e.g. The Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw, The Central Institute of Protection of Workplace in Warsaw, Committee for Scientific Research, Ergonomic Committee and Ergonomic Commission of Polish Academy od Sciences, Jagiellonian University, Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, Academy od Economics in Cracow, cracow University of Technology, The Association of Industrial Design (SPFP) and manufacturing companies.
Almost since the beginning of its existance, The Faculty has participated in activities of international design organisations: ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) and ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations.) Prof. Andrzej Pawłowski was elected Vice-President of ICSID in the years 1971-1973, and since 1994 the Faculty has been a member of this organisation. Prof. Ryszard Otręba was the Vice-President of ICOGRADA in the years 1972-1977.

The Faculty keeps contacts and co-operates with many foreign universitaties and takes part in international co-operation and university exchange programmes, i.e.:

- 1992-1996 Joint European Project TEMPUS JEP-02275 with the univerities in Manchester, Dublin and Warsaw,

- 1996-1999 Joint European Project TEMPUS JEP-11101 with the univerities in Kent (Centerbury-Maidstone-Rochester) and Toulouse,

- since 1996 a student exchange programme CEEPUS H-41 with the univerities in Budapest, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Prague, Brno and Bratislava,

- since 1997 an exchange programme Socrates/Erasmus with the univerities in Darmstadt, Essen, Frankfurt an Main, Offenbach, Bielefeld, Barcelona, Kent, Helsinki, Stokholm, Goteborg, Milan, Paris, Turku and Eindhoven.

The students and the graduates of the Faculty participate and gain significant successs in international design competitions, e.g. in Japan, Finland, Korea.

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