Faculty of Interior Design tradition date back to more than century ago. It's beginning is connected with Faculty of Artistic Industry, and was emerged in 1914 as a separate unit, a School of Applied Arts.

From 1946 The Interior Design Faculty existed within National School of Art, and in 1950 was transformed into the Academy of Fine Arts. Drawing from its traditions, the Faculty has developed its own methodology of teaching. There are three different specializations offered by the Faculty: interior design, exhibition design and the youngest one furniture design. In 1964 The Faculty divided, to create the Faculty of Industrial Design.

The aim of Faculty is to prepare and educate students for individual, creative Project work, connected with space design, especially interior design, furniture and exhibition.

The programme is based on developing two main aspects of designer's personality: emotionl and personal.
The high standards of teaching and multidisciplinary approach gives students solid preparation for their future careers in Poland and abroad.

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