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The gallery called the Academy in Bronowice was established as a joint initiative of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and the Galeria Bronowice Shopping Center.

She initiated her activities on December 4, 2013 (just a week after opening the Galeria Bronowice complex), opening an exhibition of teachers from the Academy of Fine Arts representing all disciplines present at the university. in its four-year history there were more than sixteen exhibitions, visitors could see the achievements of students of virtually all faculties represented in the program structure of the Academy, doctoral students but also graduates (including those with longer experience) - e.g. the foster children of the late prof. Zbysław Marek Maciejewski.

Exhibitions such as, among others: The best of ASP, Note: Work, O! Koło, Start! At the beginning there was Word, Pro publico, Field of Play, New Goes or Art_up significantly contributed to show the extremely interesting and ambitious works of students and the youngest graduates of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. a total of 25 exhibitions were organized in the Gallery space until October 2019, which largely made available to a wide audience the achievements of students of most faculties, but also the works of artists from outside the University (the exhibition Contour and Madness or Landscape with Poland in the background).

The catalogs of exhibitions, published since the beginning of the gallery's operation (in cooperation with the host - Galeria Bronowice), document the individual exhibitions in a graphic and editorial way, and, by wandering to interested audiences, expanding the impact of art, promote and promote the work of young artists.

The artistic curator of Galeria Akademia in Bronowice is dr hab. Jan Tutaj, prof. ASP

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