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AFA Creative Work Centre in Zakopane

The Academy of Fine Arts Creative Work Centre in Zakopane offers modernity, supporting the artistic spirit of Harenda and perfectly suited to the atmosphere of Zakopane. We offer our guests studios, exhibition halls, a multi-purpose hall with a cafe as well as guest rooms and a garden perfect for open-air retreats and leisure. This allows organization of open-air exhibitions, conferences, conventions, training and other visits by both individual students as well as groups, current and former employees of the Academy and most importantly – bystanders, who we want to greatly encourage to visit us.


We offer:
- 8 modern furnished rooms
- 2 apartments
- 34 beds


According to history
During the years 2011-2013, thanks to funding from the Ministry of Culture, the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow built a modern facility in Zakopane on Harenda, at the foot of Gubałówka – the Creative Work Centre. The building was designed by Tatra architect Zenon Remi and its style fits perfectly with the regional architecture. Inauguration of the Creative Work Centre took place in February 2014, when the first exhibition of artists-teachers from the Academy of Fine Arts was held there. The Creative Work Centre combines educational, artistic and residential-leisure functions.



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Cracow AFA Outdoor Centre
Harenda 16
34-500 Zakopane

tel. no. 12-299-20-57

tel. no. 508-511-603



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Outside of the building

Noclegi w Zakopanem 01Noclegi w Zakopanem 02Noclegi w Zakopanem 03Noclegi w Zakopanem 04



Nocleg w Zakopanem - 35Nocleg w Zakopanem - 36Nocleg w Zakopanem - 37Nocleg w Zakopanem - 38Nocleg w Zakopanem - 44Nocleg w Zakopanem - 45



D55_4691Nocleg w Zakopanem - 39Nocleg w Zakopanem - 40Nocleg w Zakopanem - 41


Noclegi w Zakopanem 01Noclegi w Zakopanem 02

Multipurpose hall

D55_4712D55_4714Nocleg w Zakopanem - 42Nocleg w Zakopanem - 43



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