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AFA Outdoor Centre in Zakopane

The Outdoor Centre of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zakopane primarily offers a unique climate and atmosphere, conducive to artists in their creative work and leisure as well as providing all visitors with the opportunity to encounter art at the highest level while at the same time guaranteeing a successful holiday.


We offer:
- 11 modern equipped rooms
- 36 beds


According to history
The Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow purchased a house with a floor area of 1330 m3 and a 29-acre plot at Harenda in Zakopane in 1927. After 10 years of renovation and expansion the house was ideally suited for students of landscape painting. In 1938 it was named the “Jan Stanisławski Academy House at Harenda in Zakopane”. During the interwar period the house played a very important educational function, where students painted Zakopane landscapes during different seasons, out in the open air. After a break caused by World War II, the AFA Outdoor Centre at Harenda, has been in use continuously to date by teachers, students and employees of the Cracovian AFA. It also opens its doors to anyone wanting to be in a “beautiful natural setting” to feel a truly artistic climate.




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Cracow AFA Outdoor Centre
Harenda 16
34-500 Zakopane

tel. no. 508-511-603



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Outside of the building

Noclegi w Zakopanem 01Noclegi w Zakopanem 02Noclegi w Zakopanem 03Noclegi w Zakopanem 04

Inside the building

Nocleg w Zakopanem - 01Nocleg w Zakopanem - 02Nocleg w Zakopanem - 03Nocleg w Zakopanem - 04Nocleg w Zakopanem - 05Nocleg w Zakopanem - 07Nocleg w Zakopanem - 08Nocleg w Zakopanem - 09Nocleg w Zakopanem - 10


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