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The resolution No 40/2015 of the Senate of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow on the terms and conditions of recruitment for the 1st year of studies in the academic year 2016/2017 and the scope of the entrance examination of the forms of studies in specific areas of study.






Candidates applying for admission to studies at the AFA in Cracow are required to register in the online recruitment system.

The online recruitment system shall accept registrations of applicants for:
– Long-cycle master studies and full-time first- and second-cycle studies from 23 May to 5 June 2016,
– Part-time first- and second-cycle studies from 30 June to 14 July 2016.

Applicants could choose only one area of full-time studies from the educational offer of the AFA in Cracow, because all entrance examinations for full-time time studies shall be held at the same time as well as the results shall be published simultaneously.

Please, sign up here: rekrutacja.asp.krakow.pl




  • Applicants who hold:

– Certificate of secondary education (Polish ”matura” or its foreign equivalent) taken in Poland or abroad,
– Bachelor/Master or other equivalent degree in the same or related area/areas of study indicated by the appropriate faculty, running specific form of education in the case of candidates applying for admission to second cycle studies;


and meet the recruitment requirements established by the AFA in Cracow, i.e.:


– During the recruitment procedures they show works, proving their art/design gifts and skills and have knowledge in the specific area of study,
– They shall pass all evaluated stages/tasks of the entrance examination and shall be ranked on the classification ranking list within the established admission limit,
are allowed to pursue studies at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow.


  • The total number of scores, obtained by the applicant during the entrance examination, is the basis for setting him/her on the ranking list.


  • In the case of awarding the same number of scores to several applicants as a result of the evaluation of all stages/tasks of the examination, the position of the applicant depends on the number of scores obtained by him/her in the practical examination. In the case of the same number of scores awarded for the practical examination, the position of the applicant on the ranking list depends on the number of scores obtained in the core subject (they are mentioned in descriptions of the areas of study).


  • The work-stand and basic tools to implement artistic/design examination tasks are guaranteed by the faculties. Materials and tools mentioned in the description of the practical examination which are necessary for the applicant’s individual work should be ensured exclusively by him/her. The artworks executed during entrance examination are documents of the examination procedures, hence they are not subject to return (they are at the disposal of the faculties).


  • Applicants with disabilities should sit the entrance examination/qualification procedure like other candidates applying for admission to the chosen area of study, level of education and form of study; those applicants with disabilities should submit the appropriate decision on the type and degree of the disability to the Dean’s Office of the faculty. The AFA in Cracow shall make every effort to take into account the specific needs of the applicants with disabilities.


List of harmful, dangerous, and burdensome factors – PDF file 

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