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Learning competitions for secondary school students and other art and/or design competitions

  • Winners and finalists of the Learning Competition for the secondary school students in the area of Fine Arts at the central level, Section of Visual Arts, organised by the Central Committee of the Learning Competition, operating under a delegation of the Ministry of National Education, shall be relieved from the examination in theory, which is mandatory for the applicants for first-cycle studies and long-cycle master studies at the AFA in Cracow. The winners and the finalists mentioned above, shall receive the maximum grade, defined by the number of scores in the examination in theory which is different for specific areas and levels of study. Winners and finalists should submit a photocopy of the certificate issued by the Central Committee of the Learning Competition for secondary students in Fine Arts in the appropriate Dean’s Office.


Winners of the 3rd stage of the National Review of Visual Arts for secondary school students, organised in 2017 by the Centre for Art Education in Warsaw under a delegation of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, may be relieved from the obligation to sit the entrance examination for applicants for 1st year of long-cycle full-time master studies in academic year 2018/19. The AFA in Cracow ensures the winners two placements on one of the following areas of study: painting, sculpture, graphic arts. In the case more winners apply for admission, the applicant placed on the higher position on the ranking list of the Review winners shall be admitted. The winners should submit the certificate of the result, confirmed by the jury’s minutes and an application for admission to the chosen area of full-time study.


  • The winner of the 1st award in the International Biennial of Interior Design, organised by the Faculty of Interior Design of the AFA in Cracow, applying for admission to the 1st year of full-time second-cycle studies shall be relieved from the obligation to sit the entrance examination for applicants to study.


All winners and finalists mentioned above are bound by other administrative stipulations concerning the applicants for studies, which are defined in the recruitment resolution valid in the respective academic year, including registration in the online recruitment system and submitting the required documents.

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