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Recruitment of overseas applicants

  • Residents and members of their families of the EU member states, the Swiss Confederation or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member, being parties of the European Economic Area, who have necessary financial resources for covering living expenses during studies,  may start and pursue higher education studies, doctoral studies, and other forms of education as well as participate in research and development work on the same grounds which are applicable for Polish residents, except for the right to social benefits, special allowances for students with disabilities, and other allowances, unless they are admitted on the grounds of international agreements and in accordance with the stipulations defined in those agreements or on the grounds of the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, or the Rector of the AFA in Cracow.


  • Valid Polish Charter holders may start higher education studies, doctoral studies, and other forms of education as well as participate in research and development work on the grounds applicable for Polish residents.


  • The Polish Government grantees and residents of other countries who are required to pay for their studies in foreign currency should sit the entrance examination established for the specific area and level of study.


  • Documents, confirming applicant’s education, should be legalised (or with enclosed Apostille) for legal use abroad by an authorised body in the country of origin. Furthermore, a translation of the above mentioned documents into the Polish by a certified translator, who is entered on the list of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Poland, is required.


  • Before submitting the documents to the appropriate Dean’s Office, foreign applicants are required to submit the documents, confirming their educational history, in the Educational Coordination Office of the AFA in Cracow (plac Matejki 13, room No 117 and 118).


The overseas applicants are required to meet the deadlines, terms and conditions of the entrance examination of specific areas and forms of study which are provided in the Annexes No 1A - 9B  to the Rules of the recruitment procedures to study at the AFA in Cracow in the academic year 2018/2019, established by the Senate of the AFA in Cracow in its recruitment resolution No 24/2017.


The overseas applicants who are required to sit the 3-stage entrance examination of first- or second cycle studies and long-cycle master studies may send their portfolios, which shall be subject to evaluation in the stage I by ordinary mail by 31 May, 2018, (as per date of reception). The Faculty Recruitment Commission, which is established for the appropriate area and level of study shall evaluate art and/or design work of the applicant and give him the permission to sit the practical examination or cancel his/her participation in the recruitment. The applicant qualified to sit the stage II should meet the deadlines of the entrance examination schedule.


  • Overseas applicants may sit the entrance examination in English, however, they should be aware that Polish is the language of instruction. In the case the applicant would like to sit the examination in English, he/she should submit an application to the appropriate Dean’s Office.


  • Overseas applicants may be admitted to study, if they:

– Complete a one-year preparatory course to start learning in Polish in the units which are appointed by the Minister of Science and Higher Education (the foreigner who does not speak Polish, after receiving the decision of the FRC concerning his/her admission and after matriculation may apply for one-year leave from studies. Dean of the appropriate faculty shall grant him/her the leave from studies for one academic year in relation to starting learning on a Polish course by the student. The student starting the studies at the AFA in Cracow should present the certificate of completion of such a course. (The list of units appointed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education is available on www.buwim.edu.pl website),
– Have a certificate of proficiency in Polish, issued by the Polish State Commission for Certification of Polish Language Proficiency,

Have a certificate from the Polish Union or similar institution certifying Polish language proficiency, or they are holders of secondary education certificate (”matura”) obtained in a Polish secondary school, or they shall obtain a certificate from the Chair of the appropriate Faculty Recruitment Commission, confirming that their level of proficiency in Polish allows them to start studies in the chosen area of study in Polish.

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