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THE WHOLE PLACE IS DARK - interactive installations in Cellar Gallery


Evening, 14th of May - in the dark catacombs of Cellar Gallery,
in the center of Krakow, a new edition of the artistic project
THE WHOLE PLACE IS DARK " will take place.

In the gloomy recesses of Cellar Gallery, outlines of objects will emerge in week
trails of light only to sink again in the darkness. Works of a dozen of artists from
Poland, Austria, Australia, South Korea, Germany and Venezuela, cooperating
with the Terribole Gallery, will come to life. Their installations will pull the
visitors into the interaction and become a playground for the senses.


What can't be perceived in the darkness can still be heard, felt, touched,
knocked, shaken, turned, smelled, pushed, bent, rolled, tightened, warmed up,
frozen, smeared, swung, rubbed, rocked, inflated, sucked in, smashed, woven,
cut, cracked, tied, poured, modeled, arranged, shifted, eaten or stroked. Our
own imagination will fill the darkness with thoughts and sensations which
unceasingly swirl and billow in each of us. Darkness is mysterious and unknown,
sometimes frightening, sometimes cozy and safe. What will happen, how will it
be this time? You need to check it out yourself.


The event will be preceded by Michael's Yuen lecture at the Academy of Fine Art
in Krakow (Wednesday, 12th of May, Krakow, plac Matejki 13, lecture hall 104).


A R T I S T S :
Bartosz Kokosiński (PL)
Bernd Petri (DE)
Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung (DE)
Gabriele Horndash (DE)
Grupa Anonim (AT)
Juan Requena (VE)
Marcin Kowal ik (PL)
Marek Firek (PL)
Michael Yuen (AU)
Nabi Nara (KR)
Reinhard Bock & Angel ik Rimer (DE)
Stephan Küthe (DE)

M U S I C :
friendly dj's


14th of May, 2010 (Friday)
Official inauguration - 8 PM
End - around midnight
Krakow, Cellar Gallery, Wielopole 12
Free entrance


Project curator:
Marcin Kowalik
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Organized by:
The Terribole Gallery:
Marcin Kowalik & Aleksander Świrski
tel: 602 487 153

Cellar Gallery
Wielopole 12
31-072 Kraków
tel: 604 293 663
Academy Of Fine Art in Krakow
plac Matejki 13
31-157 Kraków
tel: (012) 299 20 00

Media management:
Michał Borowik
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Media support:
www.off·art.tv, www.off·is·on.org

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