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Recruitment schedule

Application deadline:

May 5th – June 15th, for the fall/winter (1st) semester and the whole academic year

October 5th – November 15th, for the spring/summer (2nd) semester

Students – please note that June 15th and November 15th are the last days when our system will be open. After these dates you will not be able to create/send your application documents.

Nomination deadline:

May 5th – June 18th, for the fall/winter (1st) semester and the whole academic year

October 5th – November 18th, for the spring/summer (2nd) semester

Please note, that sending institutions will have to nominate their students once students set an account in our on-line system.


Be mindful that due to limited space in our studios and high number of applicants every semester – we evaluate each application carefully and select candidates based on their documents and our capacity. Rejections are possible. Results of application are usually send back to students and their home schools within 3-4 weeks after our deadline.

Extensions are possible, but only from Winter term to Summer term and agreements about the extension can be done only during the Winter semester.

Incoming students must specify in the Application Form and Learning Agreement at which faculty they want to study. It is possible to apply for one faculty only and within:

  • Faculty of Painting
  • Faculty of Sculpture
  • Faculty of Graphic Arts
  • Faculty of Interior Design
  • Faculty of Industrial Design
  • Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art
  • Faculty of Intermedia

There are no Design or Fine Arts faculties, so in order to avoid misplacements, please use our names of the faculties.

While filling in your Learning Agreement please select courses from one faculty only!

Keep in mind that courses you selected in your Learning Agreement may change for various reasons during the first two weeks of the mobility.

Student’s application should contain:

1. motivation letter and CV

2. portfolio (best if in PDF format)

3. document proving the knowledge of English language – level B1 at least (can be a letter from a home school)

4. transcript of records in English (for the previous years)

5. learning agreement (for the programme details please consult the relevant departmental coordinator)

6. application form

Please note, that we accept only application submitted through our on-line admission system AKADEMUS

Frist step is that the student creates an account in our system, submit all the documents and only after that, the school can and should nominate her or him.

Instruction for students how to create an account in Akademus system and how to create Erasmus+ application

Instruction for partner institutions on how to nominate their students