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The Faculty of Graphic Arts, offers train­ing in graphic arts, graphic design, drawing, intermedia, pho­tography and animation.
The tradition of the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Kraków is combining graphic arts and graphic design into one study program, which is based on artistic conviction referring to the unity of art. With the development of specialization and the emergence of new media one can doubt whether such model of instruction can be efficient in the long run. However, we believe that in view of increasing problems in our civilization, that kind of training has a new mission to realize and should be the basis for thorough artistic education regardless of means and tools at the artist’s (designer’s or graphic artist’s) disposal. The Faculty of Graphic Arts continues to stress this mission, but is also always opened to contemporary challenges.

The Faculty is widely known in many countries, where its graduates are commonly recognized in many areas of graphic arts. Among them are, for instance, Czesław Słania, one of the most distinguished European engravers, and the late Roman Cieślewicz, a distinguished designer, the graduates of the Faculty, including members of its teaching staff, are frequently jurors in Polish and foreign festivals of graphic art, posters or animated films. Professors of the Faculty also confer academic degrees to teachers in all artistic universities in Poland.

Study Programme

Please note, that lectures and theoretical courses are available only in Polish.


21 Władysława Syrokomli Street

16 Karmelicka Street

13 Matejko Square