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Broadband Internet access is relatively easy and common in most cities in Poland. Besides public open networks (e.g. in Kraków’s Main Market Square), you can access the Internet on your tablet, Smartphone or laptop in many cafés, bars, clubs, restaurants, and libraries. They usually offer very good quality access for their guests – just ask for the password.

Renting a flat/apartment, ask if it is provided with WiFi access, as this is often not the case. You can buy a relatively cheap SIM card for your mobile device with prepaid or pay-as-you-go Internet access.

The access is free but it requires a personal account which may be created with assistance of our IT staff.

All incoming students to get the Internet access should follow the steps bellow:

  • Please visit the International Office to confirm your arrival.
  • Log in to your account in Akademus system (the one that you have created while applying to Jan Matejko Academy):
  • After our IT team will give you the access, you can log into the WiFi network.

WiFi network name: eduroam
password: identical as your password to Akademus system.

In case of any problems with the access, please contact us at or