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The Academy does not have its own halls of residence. You can try to find a room in other Universities’ dorms (there are plenty of them in Kraków), but please note, that the students of these schools have a priority.

Another option is to rent a private flat. There are plenty of advertisements on the Internet, social sites and forums however, caution is advised. Renting a flat together with other students allows, in most cases, a higher living standard and keeps rental expenses at a price similar to student dormitories. Rental costs depend on type (room or flat), location (part of the city), and facilities. Private housing generally ranges from PLN 1200 to PLN 2500 a month (or from PLN 400 to PLN 1000 for a single room/place in room). Paying a deposit to the landlord on entering the flat is a usual practice. Bills for some amenities (gas, electricity, telephone, Wi-Fi or cable Internet connection, etc.) usually are not included in the rental price. Students are advised to sign agreements with landlords, specifying exact rental terms and conditions.

We recommend choosing older districts, situated in close vicinity (2–2.5km/1-1.5miles) from the centre. Fees are certainly lower in the residential districts on the outskirts, mostly built during communism, yet the standard of life (and possibly also your safety) is lower, and traffic jams may eat up to 1 hour on the way to the centre, and another 1 hour on the way back in high traffic.

Although in the past few years we obesrve the global warming effects, fairly severe winters still happen, and temperatures dropping below -10°C/14°F for longer spells of time, thus it pays to consider the type of heating offered. Monthly heating fees (and thermal comfort) may differ strongly depending on the type of heating installed, whether central (the best one), gas or electric (the most expensive).

We advise you to join some groups on Facebook, where students in Kraków send information about available rooms. Try for instance ERASMUS IN KRAKÓW 2023-2024 or Krakow 2023-2024 – International & Erasmus Students