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  1. In the editable Learning Agreement template, please complete the “Before the mobility” section according to the document submitted before arrival – copy the information to the “Study Programme at the Receiving Institution” and “Recognition at the Sending Institution” tables.
  2. Do not place scanned signatures in your Learning Agreement, you will sign it in person at the International Office.
  3. Sign up to the selected studios as soon as possible, or decide about changing the subjects – always confirm the changes with the studio instructors.
  4. Complete the “During the mobility” section of the Learning Agreement:
    • if you resigned from a subject, type it in the “Exceptional changes to Table A” section and mark the “Deleted component” field;
    • if you selected a new subject, type it in the “Exceptional changes to Table A” section and mark the “Added component” field;
    • if you changed the number of ECTS points related to a subject from the “Before the mobility” section, first type in that subject with the original ECTS points value and mark the “Deleted component” field, then type the subject one more time with the new number of ECTS points and mark the “Added component” field;
    • complete other fields related to the subjects – component codes (you will find the course codes in your Faculty study program in International > Our Faculties and study programs) and reasons for changes (a table with example reasons can be found at the end of the document).
  5. Send the completed document to your Faculty Coordinator for approval via e-mail within first two weeks of the semester.
  6. After the Coordinator accepts the changes and adjust any coorections, please send the document to the Interantional Office (
  7. Once you will get an email informing, that your “During the Mobility” part of Learning Agreement is ready, please come to the International Office to sign the document in person – then our Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator will sign it and the document will be sent to your home university.