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Each exchange studnet can get the Student ID card of our Academy. It is not mandatory, but if you have been accepted for the exchange and you want one, you may request it. It costs 22,00 PLN.

Such ID will give you the access to Academy’s Main Library and discounts in some museums, cinemas, public transport etc.

In case you have other types of students cards, like Euro>26 or ISIC – they also give you some discounts, including in public transport. However, please note that if you want to use public transport with these cards (Euro and ISIC) it only works for students under 26.

So in case you are 26 or older and you are going to use public transport – it would be good idea to get our student ID card.

How to order our student ID card?

    • inform us that you want one and send one photo in colour – similar to the one that you have in your passport to Please note, that the photograph cannot be cut out from other photos (like from your holidays), your face should not he covered and there should be no hat (unless it is connected to your religion) and the background should be bright and one coloured.
    • you need to pay 22,00 PLN to Academy’s account. Once you will send us your photo, we will give you the directions on how to do so.