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The task of the Faculty is to prepare students for independent, creative design work. The curriculum covers interior architecture, furniture and furnishings design, exhibition design and fabric and clothing design. The program is based on developing two fundamental aspects of the personality of the designer: emotional and rational. This means building of artistic sensitivity and creativity as well as professional skills and knowledge.
The Faculty offers two‑cycle degree programmes, both full-and part‑time. The first‑cycle (bachelor’s) degree lasts 3.5 years and culmi­nates in a Bachelor of Arts degree dissertation. The master’s pro­gramme lasts 2 years, and results in a Master of Fine Arts degree. The studies at the Faculty of Interior Design enable students to achieve a high level of skills in solving various tasks in the field of interior architecture design, exhibitions and furniture, fabric and clothing, as well as the selection and shaping of colors, lighting and technical infrastructure elements. The studies create the opportunity to participate in international projects, workshops, events (International Interior Design Biennial, the Annexes of Culture conference, Furniture Art and many others).

Study Programme

Please note, that lectures and theoretical courses are available only in Polish.


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